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Monterosa - Champoluc, Alagna, Gressoney, Cervinia, Macugnaga, Saas-Fee, Zermatt

From the melting snow and the retiring glaciers on top of the  Monte Rosa massif, rivers formed the well-known valleys of this area. From the Middle Ages people have been building their villages here and today those villages are the famous resorts of Monterosa. Starting from at the feet of the Matterhorn, we find Cervinia and Zermatt, going northeast to Saas Fee, and going southeast to Champoluc, Gressoney, Alagna and Macugnaga.

Trekking/Top tours

A nice rest after a hard trekking day at lagos Palasinas

Go on trek in Monterosa

The Monterosa area is perfect for many different kinds of tours: from one-day tour for beginners or families, to multi-day trekking from rifugio to rifugio, ending with small expeditions to summits, the high tops of the mountains. There are more than 20 peaks over 4000 m in the Monte Rosa area and many of them are reachable from a beautiful rifugi located on glaciers. 

Check trail maps and download our brochure.

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Trekking and toptours

Biking in Monterosa

Biking in Monterosa

Experience a bike adventure!

Champoluc, Gressoney and Alagna are charming, small alpine villages with an extremely well developed MTB system. More than 50 km of prepared trails and a well developed lift system goes from Champoluc in the west to Gressoney in the middle and to Alagna in the east, making it possible to ride up- and downhill for all bikers.

Check the bike map and our program
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Bike travels to Monterosa
Champoluc - Gressoney - Alagna

Tailor made trips to Monterosa

The Alps up at Punta Indren, 3400 m

Tailor made trips to Monterosa with us!

Monterosa is perfect for active travels year around, offering the best skiing, biking and trekking environment you can imagine. Above all, you will find the Italian tradition of good food and wines combined with the kindness of the local hotel owners. We have long personal experience of the Monterosa area, and we will help you tailor the best travel for your family, your group or your company, according to your wishes and your budget.

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Monterosa tour

Monterosa Tour from TheAlpsInfo on Vimeo.

Welcome to TheAlps Monterosa Tour. We departed from Colle Bettaforca and landed at Plateau Rosá above Cervinia. On the way we show you some of the peeks in monterosa.


Mont Blanc Skyway cable car

Within a month a new Mont Blanc cable car will be opened. It seems like new high-altitude experiences is waiting. Just check the video!

The new cable car to Pointe Helbronner at Mont Blanc should finish at the beginning of June. It offers everyone the opportunity to climb to the heart of the Mont Blanc Massif.

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Mezzalam Trofeo 2011

For the very first time the highest altitude alpine skiing competition opens its door for junior athletes. The famous Trofeo Mezzalama starts this weekend.

Young sportsmen can take part in the 2015 edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama, in the special section the Mezzalama Jeunes Trophy.

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Kayaking in Genova Nervi

Italian Riviera is a popular destination during the summer. But why not make your staying there different? Marta recommends kayaking. Check her video!

Blue water, nice beach, and a bottle of the good wine - sounds like a good plan for the holiday. However, why not to experience Italian Riviera in a slightly different way?

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Marta Capetillo the author of Marta's Monterosa Blog Marta Capetillo

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Agnes and Bartolomeus

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Polvere Rosa 3

Polvere Rosa

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